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Development path

  • 2021

    ● Obtained the "brand power" certificate of honor
    ● Obtained the "trusted brand" certificate of honor
    ● Establishment of division factory -- Huizhou Lijia
        Electronic Development Co., Ltd

  • 2020

    Obtained "Nation High-tech Enterprise Certificate" 
    Obtained "a structure of high power precision chi   
    -presistor" invention of patent                                            
  • 2019

    Obtained three patents for temperature-controlled wire-wound fuse resistors;

  • 2016

    Obtained VDE certification for wire-wound fuse

  • 2015

    ● Obtained CQC certification for over-temperature
         protection type wire wound fuse resistor;
    ● Obtained "Shenzhen high tech enterprise certific

  • 2014

    The Chinese mainland has successfully developed OTP resistors and has obtained many patents       

  • 2012

    Established a high-precision metal materials division, the first private enterprise in mainland China to have core material technology;

  • 2010

        Obtained CQC certification for wire-wound fuse r

  • 2008

    ● The first successful development of half short
         circuit resistor in Chinese mainland;

    ● Obtained UL safety certification in the United
         States and CUL safety certification in Canada;

  • 2007

     Obtained ISO14001 environmental management
     system certification;

  • 2006

    Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification;

  • 2005

    KAYOCOTA OHM is qualified to issue Value-added tax to meet the domestic market demand

  • 1993

    Kayocota set up a factory in the china to develop the chinese market

  • 1973

    Create KAYOCOTA OHM brand

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